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Management Coach Development

Coach: Carolyn Dawson, 4 - 5 APRIL, Bucharest | 04/Apr/2019

Two full days of focus on people’s development, leadership and organisational change, offered by the global pioneer of creating transformational leaders, SIR JOHN WHITMORE'S PERFORMANCE CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL

4 - 5 APRIL, 2019, Bucharest!

Attendance fee: 1,400 euro

If you want to early book your place, please email us on: gratiela.constantin@marcopolocee.com 

Coaching is the essential leadership and management style for any manager or leader.  For example, a coaching approach when giving feedback creates awareness, responsibility, motivation and growth. This and other skills, tools and behaviours you will learn will help you to lead and support the development and increased performance of individuals and teams. By using a trust-building coaching approach you can help people realize their potential and gain a sense of purpose in the workplace. 

“Unequivocally the best training I have experienced in my entire 40 year career! Every person who is a people leader should go through this. This course makes sure skills are retained & sustained.” Corporate HR Manager, International Manufacturing Company (Client company wishes to remain anonymous as they see it as such a competitive advantage)

Coaching for Performance is designed for:   

  • Leaders wanting to develop a coaching style of leadership
  • Managers wanting to develop a coaching style of management
  • Leaders seeking to spearhead organizational change
  • HR Business Partners looking to build strong partnerships
  • HR professionals looking to retain and develop talent
Please note that we also offer this as a ground-breaking coach training programme for manufacturing environments that is integrated with technologies such as LEAN.

What will you learn?

Over the course of 2 days, the programme will introduce you to the principles and practice of transformational coaching, including the GROW model, to allow you to discover the power of an authentic coaching style within organizations. Participants will:
  • Bring their own experience and address real-life management situations to learn best practice in setting goals, managing progress, giving feedback and coaching
  • Learn how to use coaching in different situations, be able to apply this in their own day-to-day work, and create an environment which is both supporting and challenging
  • Experience and practise fundamental coaching and feedback skills to build and sustain a coaching relationship within the team, in order to increase team engagement and productivity
  • Support each other through practice with peers
  • Start with their own self-awareness and then be able to initiate team dynamics where individuals realize their potential

How is the programme delivered?

Our approach to training is not a traditional classroom training. Helping groups of leaders and managers to develop a coaching style of leadership requires specialized facilitation skills and expertise, consolidated by authentic coaching behaviours. We call this “Experiential Coach Facilitation”.   As the name suggests, the style is highly experiential (versus theoretical) and interactive, and takes advantage of Accelerated Learning Techniques and Adult Learning Theory. Participants find our training style inspirational in itself.  
 “One of the best facilitated programmes I’ve attended – very good content and empowering support.”   Dan Jacota, Regional Director Eastern Europe, ISS World Services

Will you receive a qualification or certificate?

On fulfillment of the 2 day course requirements, participants receive a Certificate of Professional Development signed by Sir John Whitmore who pioneered coaching in the workplace over 30 years ago. 
Importantly, even though our programmes are designed for leaders and managers to develop coaching skills rather than to become coaches, all our programmes are aligned with the International Coach Federation (ICF), the only coaching body that is globally recognized.

Your coach

Carolyn Dawson is a Consultant, Lead Facilitator and Executive Coach for Performance  Consultants. She is a professionally qualified coach (PCC, CPCC) and coach trainer with extensive experience in the delivery of co-active coaching for business leaders for a wide range of UK and international corporate and private clients.

Carolyn has a breadth of business experience after 25 years working with diverse organizations and people at all levels in Technology, Professional Services, Energy, Transport, Retail and Charities. She is skilled in creating an environment for people to adapt to the changes needed in themselves, their teams and the organization, mobilising individuals and teams to proactively pursue goals that deliver results, bring out the best in people and facilitate the transformation of organizational culture to one of innovation, collaboration and optimism.

Carolyn designs and facilitates leadership development programmes and events for senior women, designs and leads diversity programmes for organisations who want to retain and grow their female talent and designs and delivers professional coach training programmes for HR professionals, business leaders and organizations in the UK and Eastern Europe.

As a Senior Trainer, Carolyn has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of business leaders, HR professionals and managers, taking participants on a transformational journey to equip them as a professional coach and inspire them as a leader to create a better life for themselves, their people and organizations.

Some of Carolyn’s clients include BP, Virgin Media, British Airways, RBS Group, The Cooperative Group and many more.

Carolyn is an engaging, creative and deeply empathic facilitator of organizational and personal transformation.

Growing People, Performance and Purpose

Performance Consultants International (PCI) is the leading coaching, leadership and performance improvement firm in the workplace globally. Our future and our history are both based on us being pioneers and thought-leaders in the fields of coaching, leadership, sustainability and transformation.

We help people and organizations to transform and develop themselves for the better. In our work, we bring out the heart and soul in organizations and businesses to unleash people and create sustainable growth in performance and capital.

Our approach is one of collaboration and co-creation with clients and the people and organizations we serve.
Our success is based on this commitment and a focused intention to understand and meet their immediate and long-term goals and requirements.

We professionally stand for leadership that is based on individual and collective awareness and responsibility, driven and led by all levels of an
organization; the integration of strategy, culture and leadership in assisting people and organizations to engage deeply in a society desiring new forms of corporate responsibility and public accountability that is paramount to creating the world and future that is desired.

Our vision is for a world where all life matters and this requires an individual and collective approach at all levels of society – personal, corporate, country and internationally. Growing people, performance and purpose is the key for any company or organization that has the intention to be a true leader in their own field or industry, but equally in a world beginning to question current forms of economic growth and their impact on society and the natural world.