Real players never stop to improve themselves.
As Winston Churchill once said:
“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”
And coaching is about CHANGE.

If you are here it probably means that you are handling a team of managers, ready for an improvement in their performance.

We provide you with a team of experienced coaches, equipped to coach middle management teams, who really want to make a step forward to the next level of performance development.
Our coaches follow ICF Standards of ethics and quality and each one of them are qualified and certified coach with more than 100 hours of coaching experience.
We are here for leaders who are ready to bring to their teams a burst of self-awareness and commitment for better results.

Every manager is, to us (and hopefully to you too), THE HERO of his personal journey in life and career.

To every manager we’ll coach, we’ll tell him the same thing:

YOU are the player! You are the hero of your personal story. We, as coaches, are only an honest mirror. And yes… a speaking mirror ☺ from time to time.

We play with the light around your challenges. We’ll shine light where there is darkness. We’ll throw the light from a different corner to help you see new perspectives and discover new ways of doing things.
The main thing that will stick with you, after every coaching meeting, will be a box full of new options for you to choose from.

Sometimes it won’t be just a walk in the park!
It will be a journey of clarity and self-assessment.
But it could be a challenging one!
Coaching is effective and works if you are ready for action and want the best for yourself!

We are not performing any magic tricks! We work together, and you’ll have to do your part of the job!

BUT YES, it could be the best adventure of your self-discovery ever!

How does Coaching work?
The power of coaching comes from the ability to transform insights into action.
Coaching operates on the belief that the client is not broken and does not require “fixing”. Thus, the client has the answers, not the coach, even if he/she has not found them yet.
Coaching simply speeds up the discovery process of those answers and points out to the most appropriate actions.

Coaching solutions are tailored to the unique nature of each individual.

The length and depth of any coaching assignment may vary and will depend on the objectives and possible complexity of the objectives. As a guideline, the time frame and commitment should no be less than 3 months, thus, most likely will be 6 months long. Our standard protocol consists of a minimum of 10 full coaching sessions. Standard sessions are minimum, 60 minutes long.

The standard coaching process
While no two coaching assignments require exactly the same actions, the standard coaching process usually follows a model that may include some or all of these actions, depending on the individual and the situation:

 A 3-part assessment with

the coach,
the coachee (usually a middle manager)
the coachee’s manager or HR Officer or other appropriate stakeholders who determine the course of action

A set-up or warm-up discussion with the coachee to establish an authentic human relation and  trust while obtaining consent and willingness to proceed
Development of an action plan
Clarification of an action plan and desired outcomes
Definition of a successful outcome based on the coachee’s dream goal
Summary of results through feedback and follow-up, with a goal to ensure that progress continues
The entire coaching process is confidential and occurs within the framework of a safe environment.

With regards to quality standards and guidelines for the entire process, it is important to state that we follow the ICF Standards of Ethical Conduct.

We also pay attention to:
Professionalism and deep knowledge of coaching processes.
Creating self-awareness of where your middle Managers feel their careers are currently heading
Building trust between the coach and coachee.
Crucial aspects of the company to be factored in.
Aspects that have an impact on the results of the organization.
Generating the processes that bring change not only to managers themselves, but also to their  team.
Identifying current areas of personal and professional development.


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