Who we truly are

We are that kind of people:
Sharing the classic and innocent idea of a better world. Bold enough to believe the change is possible. Brave enough to fight to make this dream come true for many. We believe in people. We believe that the search for the best possible self should be the journey for everyone. So we choose to help people GROW. We know that everyone is unique but being unique at times can also mean being alone on a journey.

This is why we are here; to be a witness of your progress and your lighthouse in the middle of the night. On your journey to finding the light, or reaching for the stars, or make your dream come true, whatever your dream is, and especially if it's high enough, you will need the best team on your side, top performers, determined conquerors, inspiring motivators, visionary and true leaders. Perhaps the leaders you are looking for, are already in your team, one floor below your office... However their potential needs to be unleashed.
Let’s awaken them!

Change is possible.
We are a group of experienced professionals that choose to make a contribution.
Join us in the journey for better!


Mission Vision Values


Our mission is to find and select the best global coaching resources and make them available for Romanian Managers and Leaders.

To find and fuel genuine coaching talents that have a passion for performance and people’s transformation, and build them in a team of performers, to provide impactful and effective organizational coaching programs.


Every Romanian manager has the potential to become an inspiring Leader. It is only a matter of time, focus and self actualization.
Change is possible and we are here to witness a transformation.

The Centre for Effective Coaching will be recognized as the Leading Partner in creating sustainable change and a positive impact in the culture of performance for the European market.



We intercept and act immediately to make things happen for our clients. We want you to surpass your limits while having fun in the process.


We believe our solutions and methodologies lead to sustainable change and transformation


We continuously re-invent ourselves to provide you with leading edge tools for performance


We believe that trust, transparency and integrity makes us reliable partners.


We believe we have the power to make a difference and to help people perform

Founders and partners

“We should be all concerned about the future, because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there”
Charles Kettering

We are together in this journey for a reason: we believe in people!
And even more: we have a passion for coaching, and for performance.
Together we amass almost 100 years of leadership and management at top levels, for large corporations. We lead and train large teams of professionals and middle managers. We don’t intend to stop. We do it now for more people and from a new perspective, which happens to be our common passion: Coaching.
You are welcome!


Paul Renaud

Coach & Co-Founder, Quality Standards Officer

Paul Renaud, Canadian is a qualified Executive Coach specializing in Behavioral coaching, peak perfo...


Sorel Radu

Coach & Co-Founder, Marketing Officer

Sorel Radu is a Certified Master Coach since 2007 (ICC) specialized in Behavioral Coaching and after...


Raymond Marin

Coach & Co-Founder, Sales Officer

Raymond Marin is specialized in Sales & Marketing Transformation with more than 24 years of corp...


Polixenia Iordachescu

Coach & Trainer

Polixenia Iordachescu is a Certified Coach by European Coaching Federation, with 1500+ hours of form...

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